John Arthur d.1682?

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John ARTHUR d.1682?

Biographical Note

Born in Springfield, Essex, son of Lawrence Arthur. BA Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1633, MA 1636, DD (Oxford) 1660. Rector of Clapham, Surrey 1642 ; ejected 1662. “He lived and died a moderate nonconformist” according to Calamy; mentioned by Wood as “a noted theologist”.


The library of John Arthur, together with that of an anonymous Hereford clergyman recently deceased, and other “variis libris modernis” of indeterminate provenance, was auctioned in London by Edward Millington, 12 February 1683. The catalogue lists 2178 lots, plus 4 bundles of pamphlets, 13 manuscripts and an appendix containing a further 819 lots, including books in Latin, English and other languages, but it is not possible to establish which books came from which source.

Characteristic Markings

None of Arthur’s books have been identified.


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