James Hamilton 1658-1712

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James HAMILTON, 4th Duke of Hamilton, 1658-1712

Bookplate of James Hamilton (British Museum Franks Collection *551)

Biographical Note

Eldest son of William Douglas, 3rd Duke of Hamilton (1634–1694), born in Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire. He was educated at Glasgow University and then went abroad on the grand tour, spending much time at the French court, eventually returning to join the English court of Charles II who in 1683 sent him back to France as an ambassador to Louis XIV. He was recalled to England on the death of Charles II and was given a military command by James II. He remained loyal to James and was imprisoned in the Tower of London by William III. On inheriting the dukedom, he took his seat in the Scottish Parliament.

He opposed the Act of Union but was appointed one of the representative Scottish peers in the British Parliament as the first Duke of Brandon. He and Lord Mohun killed each other in a duel over a contested debt. The Duke was a noted art collector.


Used an engraved bookplate:

Franks 13417 and *551 (Douglas-Hamilton, Duke of Hamilton), anonymous.

The bookplate is is identifiable as that of the 4th Duke of Hamilton and datable to 1698–1710: Hamilton and Douglas arms before his creation as Duke of Brandon (1711); shows his Order of the Thistle (1688) and ducal coronet (1698).