James Drummond, 1713-1746

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James DRUMMOND 3rd duke of Perth, 1713-1746

Biographical Note

James inherited the Jacobite ducal title in 1720 on the death of his father, also James Drummond (1674-1720). His mother was Lady Jean Gordon (1682/3–1773). His father had been attained following his support for the 1715 Jacobite uprising. James was educated first by his mother at Drummond Castle and then at Douai following the family's move to France. He returned to Scotland in 1732 and devoted himself to managing his estates, racing horses and plotting to further the Jacobite cause. He was a military leader during part of Charles Stuart's campaigns in England in 1745 and during the retreat to Scotland. He fought at Culloden in 1746 and fled after the defeat, dying on board the French privateer La Bellone.


Used an engraved bookplate (Franks 9084: (Drummond) The Arms of his Grace James Duke of Perth, &c. &c. &c.)

The extent and disposition of his library is not known.