Jacob Asselin d.1708

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Jacob ASSELIN d.1708

Biographical Note

Recorded as a protestant pastor at Dieppe 1677-85, Asselin became a Huguenot refugee in London in 1685, where he was reordained as an Anglican priest. He was appointed a curate at Rye in the same year, but in 1686 he became a foundation minister of the Jewin Street Church in London, where he remained until his death. he was denizened in 1687-88 and was one of the original subscribers to the Bank of England, giving £100 in 1694.


Asselin used one of the earliest recorded cipher bookplates in England, though the extent of his library is not known. His brief will has no mention of books; noting that all his children had died in infancy, he left all his possessions to his wife Martha.

Characteristic Markings

The bookplate is reproduced and described by Lee.


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