Charles Mildmay 1670-1728

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Charles MILDMAY 18th Baron Fitzwalter 1670-1728

Mildmay's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *83)

Biographical Note

Born at Great Baddow, Essex, son of Benjamin Mildmay, 17th Baron Fitzwalter and Catherine (Fairfax). Succeeded father in 1679. Married Elizabeth Bertie.


He used engraved an armorial bookplates dated 1701 (Franks: 20514, *83 (another impression)). Three different armorial stamps on three books owned by him are identified in the Armorials database.

No reference is made to books in his will, and his estate passed to his brother, Benjamin Mildmay, 18th Baron Fitzwalter.

In the early twentieth-century the library at Dogmersfield Park, Hampshire, contained ‘many rare, curious and beautifully illustrated books, several having the book-plate of Charles Mildmay, Lord Fitzwalter, 1701’, according to H. A. St John Mildmay. (See Catalogue ... of the Library ... of Sir Henry St. John Mildmay, auctioned by Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge, April 18-20, 1907.)


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