Charles Fox 1660-1713

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Charles FOX 1660-1713

One of the bookplates of Charles Fox (British Museum Franks Collection *251)

Biographical Note

Son of Sir Stephen Fox, who became hugely wealthy after the Restoration by being paymaster to the King's Guards. He was educated at home and through travel in Europe. MP for Eye 1680, later for Cricklade and Salisbury; he held various local administrative offices. After marrying Elizabeth Trollope in 1679 he was given an estate at Water Eaton, near Cricklade. "He was corpulent and easy-going, and never achieved eminence in either administration or politics" (History of Parliament).


Fox used two engraved armorial bookplates, in different sizes (Franks *414, *251/*313/11139), dated 1702. The extent and disposition of his library is not known; his will is largely concerned with landed property, and being a widower without children who predeceased his father, all the residue of his estate was left to him.