Awnsham Churchill 1658-1728

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Awnsham CHURCHILL 1658-1728

Churchill's bookplate, from a copy of W. Churchill, Divi Britannici, 1675, Princeton University Library DA130.C56q Oversize

Biographical Note

Born at Dorchester, son of William Churchill, bookseller. He was apprenticed to George Sawbridge, bookseller in London, and in 1690 he entered into partnership with his brother John who developed a flourishing business in bookselling, stationery and publishing in Paternoster Row, London. Their most famous publication is said to be A collection of voyages (1704) but they also published John Locke and many other significant works of the turn of the 18th century. The business was successful and in 1694 Churchill was able to invest £500 in the newly-formed Bank of England; 10 years later he bought the manor of Henbury, Dorset and was elected MP for Dorchester 1705-10.


Churchill assembled a personal library and used an engraved armorial bookplate (Franks 5844). The extent of the library is not known; in his will, he directed that "my books at Henbury and my bound books in London and Westminster" be equally divided between his three nephews William, Awnsham and Joshua Churchill.