Alexander Grant ca. 1673-1719

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Alexander GRANT, 2nd of Grant, ca. 1673-1719

Grant's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *547)

Biographical Note

Son of of Ludovick Grant, 8th of Freuchie and 1st of Grant, (d. 1716) of Castle Grant, Elgin. Member of the Scottish Parliament 1702–1707 and then of the Parliament of the United Kingdom 1707–1719. In 1706–1713 he was colonel of a regiment of foot and fought in several of Marlborough's campaigns. He was promoted to brigadier-general in 1711. He succeeded his father as chief of Clan Grant in 1716 but loss of office in 1717 seems to have unsettled his mind and he was confined for a time as a lunatic.


Used an engraved bookplate:

Franks 12495 Grant, Alexander, of Grant, Esqr., Collonell, of a Regiment, of Foot. 1706.

Franks *547 Grantt, The Honble. Allexander, younger of that ilk.

The second book plate may date from the time of his promotion from colonel to brigadier-general but before the death of his father.


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