Abraham Francke 1684-1733

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Abraham FRANCKE or FRANKE or FRANKES or FRANKS 1684-1733

Biographical Note

Son of John Franks of Preston, Lancashire. Attended Westminster School. Matriculated at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1702, becoming a scholar in 1703; B.A. 1705 and M.A. 1709. Elected to a fellowship in 1708; occasional tutor 1711. Ordained in 1714; DD 1728. Rector of West Dene with East Grimsted, Hampshire 1714-1733; Prebendary of Coombe cum Harnham and Ruscombe Northbury, Wiltshire, 1720-1733. Francke was a scholar of Greek and Roman classics, devoting time to the task of manuscript collation.


In his will Francke left to his wife Elizabeth ‘whatsoever Books she thinks proper for her own Use or my Son[’]s’. The full nature and extent of his library is not established.

Characteristic Markings

As well as inscribing books with his name (Pearson, p. 23, fig. 2.3) he used printed book labels dated 1707, 1710 and 1728 (Lee 259, 272, 328) marking his progression from ‘Alumnus’, then ‘Socius’, to ‘Minister’.

Examples of books containing his labels:

(1707) British Library 3936.bb.35; National Library of New Zealand Rlt. VICO Augu 1558;

(1710) Cambridge University Library SSS.39.22; Smithsonian Libraries and Archives Q.751.G464.1600.