John Delabere d.1616

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John DELABERE d.1616

Biographical Note

BA Christ Church College, Oxford 1561, MA 1565, MD University of Basel 1577. He was principal of Gloucester Hall, Oxford 1581-1593.

Delabere's inscription, from the title page of Middle Temple Library BAY L530 (J. Houllier, Viaticum novum, 1578)


The extent of Delabere's library is not known, but four books with his signature on the title page are held by Middle Temple Library: Observationes medicæ de capite humano, 1584; Pietro Crescentio. Opera di agricoltura, 1553; Viaticum novum, 1578; and Epistolarum medicinalium, 1577.

Delabere's marginalia, in Middle Temple Library BAY L530 (C. Gessner, Epistolarum medicinalium, 1577)

Characteristic Markings

Books identified as being from Delabere's library feature his signature, 'Joannes Delaberus', on the title page, and annotations in the margins of the text.


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